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Dr. Barbara Barrett, is a Certified Advanced Practice Nurse (APRN-C), specializing in mental health. She earned her graduate degrees in the South Florida area: a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) from Nova Southeastern University, specializing in Marriage & Family Therapy, A Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Degree from the University of Miami, and a Master of Science in Nursing & Advanced Practice Nursing Practitioner (MSN/APRN) from Florida International University.

She earned undergraduate degrees from Barry University in Miami Shores and the City University of New York in New York City. Dr. Barrett’s focus on mental health and wellness incorporates over 25-years of experience built on her foundation as a nurse practitioner, therapist, nurse and nursing & health care administrator and doctoral educator. She provides complete mental health evaluations and client specific treatment intervention recommendations for clients across the life span.

Dr. Barrett has conducted Mental Health Evaluations and identified treatment recommendations for Broward County’s Department of Juvenile Justice for several years. She has also provided services to several area community mental health clinics. Dr. B. takes pride in providing culturally specific care, which supports her belief of meeting clients where they are and acknowledging what they bring with them.

She is the founder and CEO of Mental Health Matters, Inc. whose mission and vision encompass addressing the current mental health stigma. She is passionate about increasing mental health awareness and education about the mind body connection. She is also passionate about social interaction, community engagement, and social change as she strives to make a difference.

Dr. B. is an active member of the South Florida Psychiatric Advanced Practice Nurse –Council, where she served as the Education Director for several years and a member of the American Psychiatric Association. She is an active member and servant leader in her church. She loves to write and provides editorial services when possible. She loves a makeover and when possible spends time redecorating and sewing.

Please Note: Dr. Barrett is not taking new clients at this time. Please check out our other amazing therapists!

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