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Many of us navigate the world using the survival skills we learned in our childhood. We often grew up learning to view and interact with the world in a way that made us feel safe. Now, some of these survival styles hinder us from building deeper connections with others and ourselves. Our relationships become challenging, family interactions feel restricted, and we often feel the need to be vulnerable but don’t out of fear of judgment. This stops us from connecting with others, establishing boundaries, and making better decisions.

I will provide the opportunity for you (whether that be an individual, couple, or family) to explore stories and patterns that have benefitted and hindered you. Mixing together my knowledge and experiences in Marriage and Family Therapy, Holistic Health, Industrial Organizational psychology, and other areas. In doing so, you will acquire the ability to create more fulfilling relationships and overcome your anxiety, depression, and other life obstacles. I work collaboratively with you, learn what unique needs you have, and provide resources tailored to you.

Progress is a process! Becoming a better you will take patience, grace, and consistency. Sometimes, the issues you’re dealing with seem too big, but I have found that those same issues can serve as key moments of growth. All of which we will work on together. You will improve your ability to communicate in your relationships, have a healthier relationship with yourself, and change the way you experience life.

Please Note: Kyle is accepting new clients at this time.

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