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Dr. Laing, is a proud native of Jamaica, who has a sincere love and appreciation for  providing
mental health services. Dr. Laing is a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, faculty, and is on
track to earing a second Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. Upon migrating to the United States,
she earned a BSN from Howard University; an MSN in Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing,
with a sub-specialty in Child Psychiatry, from Yale University; and a DNP from Florida Atlantic
University. As a certificated Family Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and educator,
her primary focus has been to provide optimal mental health services to individuals, children,
and families; as well as to educate providers of care to deliver safe, and trauma informed
services to anyone with mental health needs. She has worked in a variety of psychiatric settings,
inclusive of inpatient child, adolescent and adult psychiatry; outpatient substance abuse
diversion programs for adolescents and adults; educator and clinical specialist for mental health
facilities; and faculty member in both undergraduate and graduate nursing programs. Her long-
term goals include providing services through a variety of avenues. She is most interested in
early intervention for at-risk pre-adolescent and adolescent populations; difficulty with life
transitions, depression, anxiety, suicide prevention, trauma informed care, and serving
individuals with chronic mental health conditions. Providing mental health services is her
passion, coinciding with her lifelong goal to continue to assist individuals in realizing their full
potential through the promotion of mental health and wellness. Dr. Laing values continued
education, respect, collaboration, authentic presence, and providing a supportive environment
for all who seek services. She aims to continue to integrate her experiences as a psychiatric
nurse practitioner, therapist, and educator into her daily practice- with the goal of providing
optimum therapeutic services. Dr. Laing is truly humbled and honored to work with all clients,
regardless of presentation, and in all capacities.

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