How Divorce Impacts a Child

There is little question that a divorce is a traumatic event for both the parents and children that make up the family and divorce is especially difficult for children. Children are a common reason why troubled couples struggle to go through with the divorce because parents understand that it could have detrimental effects on the psychological makeup of their children and their emotional development. Below, our Marriage and Family Services inspects the impact that a divorce could have on a child. Continue reading below to learn more from our Delray Beach mental health professionals. 

How Is Trauma From a Parent’s Divorce? 

Understanding how divorce impacts a child is relative to their age group as trauma from the divorce impacts children of different ages differently. For example, young children, toddlers, and kids in high school will have very different experiences processing their parent’s divorce. Young children and those in grade school will struggle to understand the reason that the two most important figures in their lives stopped loving each other. They may begin to question whether they were at fault for their falling out and worrying if their parent’s love for them will eventually cease as well. They may also begin to wonder if they were the cause of their parent’s divorce. This could cause serious self-esteem issues within the child and lead to low confidence as they grow older. 

Divorce With Young Children in High School 

When teenagers see that their parents are going through a divorce, they will redirect their confusion into anger at their parents rather than the self-reflection that a younger child would. Our West Palm Beach marriage counseling practice would also like to point out that most children with divorced parents come into contact way less with their father. They will begin to grow more estranged from him, which could also hinder their development as they lose connection with their masculine influence. 

More About Our Florida Family Therapy Center

Our goal is to give our patients the therapy and treatment that they need so that they could overcome any obstacles that may have presented themselves in their marriage or emotional development. Our Florida family services also treat conditions like marriage anxiety that might make it challenging to have a positive relationship. Whether resources like this one that touches on how divorce impacts a child/childhood divorce trauma or our collection of services, our expert marriage counseling in Florida could assist you in any way that you need. Contact our therapist in Delray Beach today to learn more. 

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