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When Are Different Levels of Anxiety Too High In an Individual? 

Confronting anxiety is a part of life for everyone. Whether it’s starting a new job or entering new social situations, most people will have to deal with the occasional bout of jitters or insecurity. However, some people may be dealing with extreme anxiety, which can make living their daily lives harder. Marriage and Family Services has seen many different levels of anxiety and stress in patients that have walked through our doors. If you constantly find yourself asking: “why is my anxiety too high today” or feel generally unhappy about your feelings every day, maybe it’s time to speak with a professional at our Florida family services practice. Below, we examine the different levels of anxiety and how to tell if your anxiety level might be too high. 

What Does Anxiety Feel Like? 

Most people have experienced anxiety before. The most common symptoms of anxiety are tension, rapid heartbeat, dry mouth, and difficulty focusing clearly. Occasionally feeling anxious is completely normal and healthy, but knowing when your level of anxiety is too high is something that everyone should have an understanding of. High anxiety can lead to several physical and mental health issues down the line. 

You may be experiencing an abnormal amount of anxiety if it seems to kick into gear when there is no need for such a response from your body. For example, if you are experiencing heavy symptoms of anxiety when you go to the grocery store or on your drive to work is a sign of having an abnormal amount of anxiety. Further, marriage can be a major catalyst for anxiety. Marriage anxiety is a big sign of anxiety becoming a cornerstone of your life and is also one of our West Palm Beach marriage counseling services.

How to Tell Anxiety is Getting Worse 

Another important step to understanding the different levels of anxiety and when yours is too high is to understand when it gets worse so you can gauge its normality. Your anxiety may be getting worse if it seems like you fall into a downward spiral whenever the first symptoms emerge or if you cannot function normally without feeling uncomfortable. Also, if you experience panic attacks, it could be time to speak to professionals like our therapists in Delray Beach for assistance. Alternatively, one of the biggest signs that your anxiety is getting better is if you feel like you are in control of your life and go about your day with more confidence. 

More About Marriage and Family Services 

Marriage and Family Services is a mental health and marriage counseling service that specializes in mental health and mending broken interpersonal relationships – particularly within a family. If you or anyone you know is suffering from addiction, anxiety, depression, or any other mental issue, book an appointment today to speak with one of our Delray Beach therapists. 

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