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I discovered my interest in psychology during my high school years; since then my passion for the mental health field has only kept growing. That led me to study at Worcester State College where I earned a Bachelor degree in Psychology and also a Master’s degree in social work at Boston University, in Massachusetts. My cultural heritage and background give me a unique perspective to better appreciate and understand my clients’ diverse needs.

I have had the privilege and twenty-four years of extensive experience, working with children and families as clinical supervisor, psychotherapist, and crisis intervention specialist. I have had extensive training in diverse therapeutic modalities, including cognitive-behavior therapy, play therapy, EMDR. I am certified in sex therapy as well.

One of the guiding beliefs of my professional career is that everyone is born with the potential to be successful and happy, and they have a unique song to contribute to this world. My role is to facilitate their finding of the internal strengths and resources and environmental support to help them find the comfort level they need in their relationships and any aspect of life. I approach my work with a very open mind, focusing on the client’s mental status and needs, knowing that what they desire has already been achieved and that I can help them realize it.

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