Viviana Amortegui

Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern

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Meet Viviana
Delray Beach and Plantation Team

Viviana is a dedicated therapist who graduated from Nova Southeastern University with a master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy. As a registered marriage and family therapist intern, Viviana has gained experience in diverse settings, including schools and private practice. Fluent in both English and Spanish, she effectively serves a bilingual clientele.

Viviana’s expertise lies in psychotherapy for individuals, couples, and families aged six and above. She is particularly passionate about supporting adolescents through the challenges of their transformative years, empowering them and their families to regain control and achieve the happiness and connection they desire.

When working with children and pre-teens, Viviana utilizes creative approaches such as play and art therapy techniques. These methods enable young clients to express themselves and communicate through art, movement, and play, resulting in an enjoyable therapeutic process that brings lasting benefits.

Viviana’s experience encompasses helping families and individuals navigate various life difficulties, including divorce adjustment, anxiety, trauma, grief, health changes, immigration and acculturation, and challenging life transitions. Additionally, she has worked extensively with multicultural couples, drawing inspiration from therapeutic theories such as Imago theory, Emotional Focus therapy, and Solutions-Focused therapy.

Viviana adopts therapeutic lenses rooted in Solutions-Focused, Collaborative, and Narrative therapy in her practice. She believes clients are the experts and authors of their life stories. By remaining curious and working with her clients, Viviana guides them towards positive changes, fostering a better present and igniting hope for their future. The therapeutic relationship is viewed as a catalyst for change, and Viviana actively collaborates with her clients to explore their preferred life stories and embark on a journey of transformation. By freeing themselves from cultural and social expectations that may hinder their desired path, clients discover the freedom and power to create happiness on their own terms.

As a systemic therapist, Viviana recognizes the complexity of her clients’ identities and the multiple layers that shape their reality. Her therapeutic style incorporates various systemic techniques aimed at helping clients discover alternative possibilities, develop new skills, and tap into inner resources. This process expands their worldview, creating a sense of freedom and peace of mind. Ultimately, Viviana guides her clients toward realizing their desired identity and unlocking their full potential.

Please Note: Viviana is taking new clients at this time.

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