Why Is Play Important for Children? 

One of the most important parts of raising children is socializing them correctly. An important part of early socialization is involving children in play. Every generation of children has had times in their life when they were heavily involved in playing with other children. However, more children have been recently uninvolved in play because they are becoming more immersed in other forms of entertainment that isolate them from other children, like video games and television. Why is play important for children? Our Delray Beach therapists explore more below. 

Importance of Play in Child Development

There are many benefits for children that are involved in play with others that are well known in the child counseling field. For one, it keeps them happy and engaged with themselves and other children. This helps nurture relationships with others and even decreases stress levels. It can also raise their levels of empathy, creativity, and collaboration. The more accustomed that children are to social interaction, the more likely they are to develop confidence and become whole and happy adults. Our Florida family services would like to point out that there is no substitute for developing these skills than being “thrown in the fire” and learning it themselves organically. 

Why Is Play Important in Early Childhood? 

Play is especially important in early childhood if one considers the lasting impact that these initial years have on people. Through play, children will form the building blocks of their understanding of managing feelings, emotions, and even problem-solving. A child that plays a lot with other children will also form a yearning to understand the world and not be afraid of taking risks. This ability to experiment with their environment and their peers freely will be a major factor in their development. There are many steps that parents can take to promote playing, including open scheduling and an encouragement to explore their environment without parental supervision. As beneficial as unstructured and unsupervised play is for children, it is also important to provide the correct amount of supervision to make sure that nothing negative, like an injury, happens during play. 

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