Psychotherapy Vs. Therapy 

If you or a loved one is suffering from a mental health issue and needs professional help, you may be wondering what the difference between therapy and psychotherapy is and if you are better off with the help of a psychotherapist or a regular therapist. As an experienced organization that specializes in Florida family services and Florida family therapy, Marriage and Family Services could answer your questions in the following blog post. Hopefully, after reading this post you can figure out which kind of professional is best for you. 

What Is The Difference Between a Therapist and a Psychotherapist? 

Put simply, a psychotherapist is a broader term that includes every mental health professional that manages mental health or emotional issues, while a therapist is a professional who provides solutions for both physical and mental health. When it comes to understanding psychotherapy vs. therapy, it is important to recognize that therapists also deal with interpersonal relationships and addiction issues. For example, our Delray Beach therapists also assist people with marriage anxiety or that need marriage counseling or other forms of couples therapy. Therapists could help with both mental health issues and interpersonal relationships. 

A psychotherapist deals exclusively in helping people manage their mental health issues. Sometimes, psychotherapists are required to have degrees, training, and licensing that give the accreditation that they are licensed to perform the work that they need to do to help people with their issues. Also, psychotherapists can provide the final recommendation for a patient to see a psychiatrist if possible after meeting with them one or two times a week. 

Psychotherapist Vs. Counselor

As mentioned above, psychotherapists are dedicated to helping people work through their mental health issues while also recommending them to a psychiatrist. A counselor plays much of the same role that a therapist does by guiding many people through their interpersonal relationships so they can notice an improvement in them. Many counselors that guide people through their interpersonal relationships do not necessarily do so by addressing mental health issues, but rather by giving a different point of view that could offer a better sense of perspective. 

More About Marriage and Family Service 

Aside from detailing the differences in psychotherapy vs. therapy, Marriage and Family Service is a Florida mental health treatment center dedicated to helping people with their mental health issues. We offer the other side of the coin as well, thanks to our marriage counseling in Florida services. If you or a loved one is suffering from issues with your marriage and need external help, our therapist in Delray Beach is here to help. Contact us today to learn more. 

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