Jessica Zeitlin

Mental Health Counseling Student Intern

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Delray Beach Team

Meet Jessica, a Miami native currently pursuing a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Nova Southeastern University. With a Bachelor’s from Penn State, she conducted impactful mental health research. As a counselor, Jessica is passionate about helping individuals overcome challenges and achieve personal growth, deeply admiring the courage it takes to seek help and strive for positive change. In therapy, her primary objective is to create a safe and respectful environment.

She strongly believes in the individualized nature of the healing journey, recognizing that there’s no universal formula that fits everyone. Together, you can explore concerns, gain insight, consider alternative perspectives, alleviate symptoms, develop coping strategies, enhance self-esteem, and strengthen communication skills. Jessica emphasizes the importance of building trust and respect in therapy, with expertise in anxiety, depression, trauma, and relationship conflict resolution. She offers accessible individual therapy for adults, adolescents, and children, supporting them in leading fulfilling lives.

Please Note: Jessica is taking new clients.

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