Peer Relationships

Successfully navigating the social world of peers can be challenging. Children and teenagers benefit from the social and emotional support that friends offer, but they can also experience occasional social stressors and peer conflicts.


People who would cease to exist without relationships should seek therapy. Sometimes relationships are the primary reason a person enters psychotherapy. Peer relationships are vital to developing healthy social skills. Empathy, ego support, intimacy, trust, self-esteem development, conflict management, and communication skills are all greatly influenced by the relationships one keep.


Peer relationships provide a unique context in which children learn a range of critical social emotional skills, such as empathy, cooperation, and problem-solving strategies. Children experiencing peer difficulties often need additional, systematic, and intensive social skill coaching.


We offer a number of different therapies and consulting that can help with you or a loved ones concerns who needs Peer Relationships therapy. Trust that you are in good hands. These are our therapists who treat Peer Relationships issues…

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